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i m studying bsc in mechanical engineering final year and willing to take GRE & TOFEL. But i have gpa below 60% as it is hard to get over 60% in our university and i also had few F grades in 1st and 2nd year which i have passed later. These F grades will be written in my final transcript even though i got good grades on those subjects later. Will these be a problem for addmitting in US universities? Then what should be my GRE and TOFEL score?

asked by anonymous

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American Universities require 16 years of formal education. What is the duration of your B.Sc. course?

You may not get into very good unviersities because of your weak academic background. But if you score well in the GRE (315+) then you may get admission into reasonably good universities.
answered by dilipoakacademy
thanks for ur ans. its a four year course. i had very good acedemic result till 12th. And should be ny TOFEL / IELTS score?

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