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Regarding reappear for GRE exam?

I have scored 306 (Q: 158,V:148) in GRE on 15th Sept. AWA Scores are yet not received . Should I reappear for GRE?
I have a work ex of 4.5 years (overall).My CGPA was 8.4.
I want to pursue MS in mech engg. preferably from University of Wisconsin,Madison or equivalent colleges.
I am yet to appear for TOEFL. I am not satisfied with GRE scores. I have scored as an average of 310 in Oak's practice tests and 319 in PowerPrep practice tests.
asked by s_s1129

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You may reappear for the test if you are confident that you will score 310 or above in the GRE. The ultimate decision is yours to make.
answered by dilipoakacademy
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If you feel that you deserved more or you think that you can actually get more, then yes! You must definitely take the exam again. I am also busy with my LSAT Prep these days and I am also taking it the second time because I know I have the capability of getting more.

answered by nany12trool

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