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how many copies of transcript and letter of recommendation letters are required?

Hello sir,
my husband is in US on H1B, I am planning to go to US on H4 in Oct14 and give exam in jan15 from there. For the admission process what all documents should I carry from India, eg, transcript, recommendation letter etc and how many copies of it, sealed or not?
asked by shwetarkhatri

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Hello Shweta,

It depends on the number of universities you will be applying to and their requirements. Depending on the requirements you will have to take copies (university transcripts, college transcripts and university attested marksheets).

For e.g. if a student is applying to 8 universities he shoukd have 12 copies of college transcripts, 5 university transcripts, 5 university attested marksheets and 10 recommendation letters per recommender. Most of the US universitities not require online recommendation letters, which will be sent directly by the recommenders.
answered by dilipoakacademy

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