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University Selection: Which university should I go for? (TTU vs UTD)

I got admit from
1) University of Texas, Dallas
2) Texas Tech University
3) University of Nevada, Las Vegas
4) University of Illinios, Springfield
but know I am confuse between UTD and TTU please tell me which should I go for
asked by anonymous
edited by Aditya Kale

4 Answers

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Which department are you applying for? The answer will change depending on the specialization.
answered by dilipoakacademy
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I got admit for MIS from TTU and for ITM from UTD
answered by anonymous
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Best is to go for University of Illinois Springfield and after one or two semesters transfer to University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Best of luck! :)
answered by anonymous
Can we shift Universities in that manner?
Please enlighten me.
Yes, you can do whatever you want.
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answered by anonymous
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It would be best if you spend at least two years learning English from elementary level. Your language is very poor.

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