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Oak's Online GRE Test

Full-length Revised Pattern GRE Practice Tests with AWM Section
  • Full-length GRE revised pattern tests with AWM section
  • Scores as per the new scale
  • Detailed explanations for all questions
  • Personalized feedback on your essays with score

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Get Detailed Information About Universities and Courses

Our new 'University Info' tool helps you get detailed information on US universities and courses. Find out university rankings, funding opportunities, useful links and much more.

Application Status Overview With University Applications Tracker

Our University Applications Tracker will help you monitor your status in the application process. Get checklists on entering tracking information. Start tracking today!

Get Handy Checklist To Help You Prepare Your Application Packet!

Standard checklist to help you prepare your application packet. It will come in handy when you are dealing with dozens of documents for multiple Universities.

University Selection

Online personal sessions with Mr. Dilip Oak. Universities selection for the best chances of admission with financial aid. Know about latest trends, get information on financial requirements and opportunities of getting scholarships

  • Help in preparing Financial, academic and other documents
  • Provide e-mail addresses of our alumni in the universities you apply to

SOP Builder

Drafting crucial and specialized SOP and framing persuasive applications for RA/TA. Guidance on how recommendation letters should highlight your achievements based on your areas of interest through online sessions with our expert counselors

  • Help you prepare Application Packets
  • Help you obtain air tickets and foreign exchange

Get Prepared For The Visa Interview

Being well prepared for the visa interview makes a big difference. With our years of experience in helping students with making the crucial financial and other documents, we can help make the process a lot smoother

  • F1 Visa Tips & Tricks
  • Financial Documents Checking
  • Mock Visa Interview
  • Find and meet students going to the same university. Meet your future roommates!

The SOP Sessions effectively summarized my research and emphasized my Materials Sci. background. I am very happy with the Admission Center!"
- Anuja Bagul, Cornell University, Fall 2011

Throught the Academy I was able to convert my ability into admit from Stanford. Thank you Dilip Oak Sir!
- Abhishek Sahasrabudhe, Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering, Fall 2011